(Horizon used by most kind permission of my friend Fethur.)

(Horizon used by most kind permission of my friend Fethur.)


I’m not even sorry

You read that correctly though, put the code SPRING14 in at the checkout and with two or more items - any two - and get free shipping! Even in Afghanistan!

I get about $3 out of the $19 price of these things, and need to sell like nine of them to get a payout, but if and when I do, it all goes to charity! Put the fire horse on your chest and help someone be not evicted at the same time!

This was that link again!

Today’s homework: if you haven’t already, play a Wipeout game. If you don’t have a PS3 or PSP or don’t know how to set up an emulator, this short playlist should be a suitable education.

Guests: Spirit, Firenze, Tyco, Announcer, Fleetfoot, Misty, Ariel, all borrowed from the Wonderbolt HQ.

It’s a shipping disaster.

Act 7: Begin Happening

Dear Cpt. Hoers,

We are counsel for Hasbro, Inc. and Hasbro Studios LLC (”Hasbro”), the owners of the copyrights and trademarks for the MY LITTLE PONY® line of toy ponies, and the FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC® animated television series. Hasbro’s copyrights and trademarks also include the pony character images and names.

We write concerning “Ask Firestarter Spitfire”, http://askfirestarterspitfire.tumblr.com/ , which you have described as “FIRE KIDS WONDERBOLTS DRINK DEAD SAD DREAMS FEELS”. The story concerns the adventures of a MY LITTLE PONY character called “Spitfire” and also includes other MY LITTLE PONY characters such as SOARIN, SORIAN and LAMPPOST®, as well as other elements from the FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC show.

Your copying of the MY LITTLE PONY characters and use of their distinctive character names infringes Harsbo’s intellectual propery rights and violates copyrighr laws, including 17 U.S.C. § 512, and federal trademark laws, including 15 U.S.C. §§ 5112(a) and (c), by creating no likelihood of dilution and of confusion with respect to Habsro’s authorization or sponsorship of or association with your ask blog.

While Hobars appreciates the enthusiasm and support of its many THE LITTLEST PET SHOP fans, it must protect its intellectual property rights. As a fan of the MY LITTLE PONY property, we trust that you respect Hobart’s desire to protect the integrity of its shows and corresponding intellectual property rights.

On behalf of Haribo, we therefore request that you immediately remove the MY LITTLE PONY characters and images from your blog, and remove the current blog and any other blogs you have created that include Harry Potter’s MY LIDL PONEY characters and images from Tumblr and wherever they appear.

Please confirm to me and my team of legal harpies within ten days of your submission to the blood covenant of the Hasbro legal team. Habrabr appreciates your cooperation in this matter. This letter does not purport to be a complete statement of the facts or the law and is without prejudice to Hasbro’s legal and equitable rights.

Sincerely Yours,