Hello? Yes, this is mod. 

Unfortunately, we’ve reached that time. Spitfire has officially run out of interesting things to do, and is now lounging around on the sofa while Soarin works his way through mountains of pie wearing silly pyjamas. But fret not! Just because Spitfire can’t get off her arse and do anything productive, doesn’t mean I can’t! I have not one, but two articles of coolness +1 for your enjoyment. These two projects are going to be the main focus of my attention on tumblr now. You can read more about them (and what will become of Spitfire) after the page break, or just hit the links below to jump right in with only the title to go on. These blogs are brand spanking new, choking with “new blog smell” and fretfully devoid of all but a single, lonely post each, but hopefully once broken in they’ll become something really neat. 

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First frame’s a gif, by the way. 

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This codpiece is bulky and pointless. I don’t even have a cod.